Wednesday, May 6, 2009

B to A????

Next semester, because of the shortage of lecturer for my course Mass Comm, all the class will be shuffled. And I just find out that I'm at class A!!! You see, I was at B for 1 year already and known all my classmates like family and now I have to adapt to new situation again. I cant bear that fact anymore, seriously. I had this experience happened to me when Im in form 4. It sucks so much, I suffered all through the year.

I really need to change my class, immediately! You know, this is my nightmare come true. Before, when I heard about the news, what I hoped for was Im not going to be part of class A. But now, it has all come true! Dammit! Before, too, I was looking forward to have new classmates, but I wasn't expected THIS! I wasn't expected to be the one that other classmates are looking forward to meet! Geddit? huh, nevermind.

I'm feeling utterly sad right now. I'm concern about my social and work communication (like my friend stated it) in that class. I mean, I heard that class is very quiet. Even lecturer said it was very, very quiet man. And I donno anybody there! How am I going to work in group in the future? Huh...I really don't know how my luck can be turned instantly like this. This is totally devastating.

Well, my way of solving it: I'd probably try to ask the coordinator to move me back to B. If that cant be done, my backup plan is going for class C, coz my bf is there. AT least I know someone to work with in the class. My last chance is, manipulate the computer system when Im registering myself - I'll put myself at B! Hahah... evil, I know but I cant do anything. Well, let's just see how my luck turn this thing around in the future. Finger crossed!

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