Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Truth About Girls

The guy that I dreamed of:

1. the door for me, pick me up whether we're walking or using car, not I have to walk to the car or to wait for him, offer something to me first although that is what he wanted, do anything to cover me from the rain, cold or hotness of the weather, and who tells me beautiful when I'm down and have low self-esteem.
2. Surprise me...not until I tell him what to do, do something special for me.
3. The first one to break the ice or talk when things have going downhill or bad, whether that's my fault or yours.
4. Would do anything to save the relationship, not do nothing and hope everything going alrite over time.
5. Try to change when we have argued about the situation, not do the same mistake again.
6. Doesn't interrupt me when I'm giving my feelings out or said anything. Not interrupting me and do the experiantial superiority, which is not listening to someone who doesn't have much experience as he is.
7. Consider the situation.
8. When I'm talking about my problems, I dreamed of a guy who doesn't reply with comparing his so-called 'good' experience or good situation - that is so annoying.
9. Take me not as a girl who is not capable of anything and weak mentally and physically, but as a girl who can do things she is sure she can, capable of anything mentally or physically.
10. Be my boyfriend and best friend, not only best friend where you can act sesuka hati.

If you do all this, I will do the same to you. Hmm, I think I have done all these things to the person I love as if I'm the guy. I'm a gentleman? Fyi, I'm a girl but I'm capable of doing this things.

I know I should LOVE ALL HIS WEAKNESSES but I WANTED TO FEEL SPECIAL, TO BE LOVED BY SOMEONE and reassure that I have his back if anything goes wrong. To show someone you love is not enough just by saying it out loud or show it physically by touching or whatever. Especially the touching. Touching people is essential but if it goes from love to LUST, that is another story. Show someone you love and care by doing the things for him/her, it shows you have commitment, ready to be there when things goes bad, and being a good friend for him/her.

I am pretty sure most girls would love the guys to do all these things to her. But sometimes the guys just don't buy it. They thought it's sappy and too romantic and it's not his style. It's too complicated or it's bruising their egos. Come on, man. Sape lg yg korg nk buat benda ni klau x dgn gf korg...right? If it humiliate u, nobody's watching, man, it's only her who knows you too well and would tell nobody but herself. If it's too romantic or sappy (jiwang), trust me, if you do it at least once in awhile, she will remember it forever. I remember the first time my bf open the door for me. That was months and months ago and I still appreciate every little, every tiny thing he does. But unfortunately he don't do that again (fuck). Girls can appreciate all that, all the tiny thing that shows you still care about her. She may not show it, of course nnt korg gk ckp die gedik, but deep in her heart, she wished you do it always, but not too often. If too often guys, I tell you, it can get freaky and annoying.

Every girl work differently with the world that surrounds her, including the people she loves. Some girls love romantic sappy things. Some girls are like guys, do the thing simple and no need for all those sappy things, some girls is so driven towards doing all the things herself, some girls are so independent they don't really need their boyfriend(haha!), some girls love all the little things that's enough to make she loves him. I am the girl who have almost all of the combination above. I love all the little romantic thing a guy does but not too many, I love to do things myself, I love simple but sweet things, I love all the small thing he did to me.

If you are not sure what type of girl your girlfriend are and want, being with her and learn how she react to the things you did, how she react to her life, that is who she is. Discover who she is, after all she make a fuss on things you didn't do, or things you overreacted. Discover what she wants by all that fuss. Don't put a blind eye and deaf ear, it will just make her furious even more. Sometimes the girls try to understand the guy and do the things he likes and don't expect to, why don't you, as a guy, do the honor of going for her and surprise her.

Seriously, having your ego as the barrier, and thinking you're a cool guy, or that thing just not your style...that really doesn't help anything. Change for a time or two to show her how you feel. Trust me, she'll remember you like she remember her own name. It's embedded to her mind.
Sincerely by someone desperately wanted to be loved.

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