Monday, May 25, 2009


Finally an event worth celebrating in my life with someone I really like, but I wasn't there to celebrate it. My brithday coming up too and I don't think i have the mood celebrating it. I mean, my boyfriend isn't going to be here, Hani and Syidah probably going to Johor and KL soon and Bai is going to further her study by this early June. And my birthday is on 17th June! I am going to just celebrate it with Rathy and Shahida, if Shahida could go out anyway. There's just no special people around me to give me gifts, hugs, kisses maybe, and just have fun, on my birthday. I wish so much I have all the people I love around me when I turn 19. And I want to be there too on their birthday. Especially my boyfriend's which is today. But all I could do was sit here and wondering what gift I would buy for him. And if I buy something, the gift will be sent late anyway. Not that the courier service could give it on the day itself. This is so frustrating. I love birthdays!!! But I can't celebrate it. Huk...

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