Friday, May 29, 2009

Trust and Parents related

Ok, u noe how does it feel when your parents just don't believe in your potential or just give u teh trust in something? How does it feel? It's horrifyingly frustrating. Because it's the nature of children since at the tender age to get parents' attention and then put their trust and believe on the child.

Well, it happen to me all the time, and the feelings overwhelmed me SUCKS! It's about driving and cars. You see, our family have 2 cars and both of it are freakin' big and expensive! I almost got my chance of having a car on my own, but I missed it because I was concern with my mom's wealth as debts are around her waist and so does my dad. So I said I wanted a car but not neccesarry needed it in this time. Well, ok, I was being so nice, even a pushover to my parents. That didn't bother me at all but when I finally found out that we were having a new freakin car and its fortuner (!!!), I was like, WTF??!!! What about the debts? Why buy new one when u just offer me a car who SOO needed it and it's smaller n cheaper? Well, A 4-wheel drive with SUV like and it's big and expensive. Just adding the big-and-expensive car collection of ours. I mean, common!!!! Why do these people have to buy BIG cars which is not suitable for teenagers to drive? U see, I've gotten my license for a year and a half now and my sister is soon going to learn to drive. It kills me n my sis, KILLS us to have a driver license in our wallet but couldn't do anything about it! Like I just said, I've had the license for more than a year, I should be good with cars by now. But u noe what? I'm still scared of driving a car in a busy town. I still feel jittery all over when I get into a car, just like I first started driving. This is so UNFAIR!

Ok, when we got the car, I thought I got the chance of driving it. I mean, it's more compact n nice inside, with power sterring and all, it's much more easier than driving a mercedes (yea, one of our cars), eventhough it's big at the outside. I've had experience driving a merc, but I think it's hard.huhuhuhu, I donno. Ok, get back to story. So I thought I have a chance, BUT TEEETTT... SO WRONG! let me tell ya...

Ok, so finally I was given a responsibilty to send my sis to tusyen when my mom went off to KL. Before this she was talking about how easy the car was to drive than merc to me, so I can help with being a chauffer for my sis. So FINNALLY my mom trust me in this responsibility n believe I could do it, after more a year n a half of having a license. Trust me, it's pretty hard to get my mom's trust in doing something. Doubting me n my sis is her number 1 career. So then I told my dad abt I have to send my sis off n mom let me use Fortuner because it's easier,n if anything would happen, it wud be cheaper to repair since its a less expensive car than merc. But my dad insist on using fortuner bcuz i guess well, it's new n it's big n high, just his taste of car so it's kinda hard to get it off his hand.Ok, so then I use merc to send my sis off (even that I felt guilty since my mom didn't let me use it but when finally talk 2 her, she said ok, i was grateful she believe in me. THANX MUM!).

Then my frens n i planned to hang out n we need a car bcuz I guess we juz get use of not depending on parents anymore with cars n plus we need to get from one place to another (I need 2 buy things at diffrent place) so we really need a car. All my frens juz informed me their cars cannot be use that day, n it's depend on me. So I talked to my dad abt this.And just like I afraid it wud be, he didn't let me. He wud juz send me off tomorow instead. MY LORD!!! U noe what he said? That it wud be hard 4 me 2 drive it since it's too big n blah blah blah blah.........Im a fast learner, trust me. It's good that I have my mom's trust in this, but now it's my dad's trust I need 2 win. God God God!!

Ok, u noe, if we don't believe that person, are we going to let it away juz like that? U have to trust them to do the thing for just one time n let u see that she HAVE THE POTENTIAL to do it! Or else she'll never learn!!! Ok, I need a car really2 badly. Next time my parents talk abt cars, I wont be a pushover and be nice! I have to stand up for my rights! I'm sick of being the one who cannot drive, seriously. Well,if Im not being fair, those people that just doesnt have license, it's their choice of not driving. But I have a passion in driving (not passion in CARS ye sayang) bcuz since the age of where Im illegal to drive, I wanted to drive anywhere I like, have the freedom. And now I have the chance in it, give me a chance of learning to get use to it...seriously people! Arrggghhh...right now Im just Geram..ok...huh..

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