Monday, June 27, 2011

Beautiful Serenity

Sometimes when life gets tough

When everyone's against you

Everything you do just doesn't seem right

people raise their voice on you

Even when you didn't do anything

You feel small

and the world seems so much bigger than you

sometimes negativity just fills your head

when you count on people

but they can't be count on

when everything just ruin
and people take advantage on you

You just couldn't do anything

all you need is one thing

an escape

in that time, you realize you can only do this

listen to music

turn it up so high you can't hear any sound

just the music

and your thought.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Book Worm?

I love reading books you see, all sorts of genre. Romance, comedy, chick-flit, thriller, and yadayadayada. I've a small library of my own, pretty proud to have one too. Haha.. Tak besar mane ah but the shelf is full of it. Dulu ingat lagi every months mesti beli one or two books. Sampai budak-budak kelas pun tau, and cakap, "Malina tok eh, tiap-tiap hari pembulaknya buku lain2." Maksudnya tiap2 hari I tukar-tukar buku. Hahaha... So! Among all those books I have read, these are my top 5:

1. Just Friends by Robyn Sisman

Robyn Sisman is one of my favourite writer because almost all her stories are made with ease, romantic and have simple-but-keep-our-fantasy-runs endings. Just friends tells the story of two best friends, Jack and Freya, have been friends for over ten years, who know each other far too well. They have their differences, and those differences recently reach boiling point when a sudden incident pushes Freya to move in with Jack. They keep on arguing with each other and blah blah blah, I can't really remember the plot. After all I've had this book since 2007 and read it twice cuz it's just so good. What I remember is the conflict gotten bigger, since it has something to do with Jack sleeping with Freya's sister. I won't tell you any endings here cause this is not the synopsis. Haha.. But this is a really good read and I just love the chemistry and how their friendship goes to realizing that they need each other.

2. Violets Are Blue by James Patterson; a sequel of "Roses Are Red"

I still remember when I borrowed the first sequel, "Roses are Red" by the same author from library, I just can't wait for Violets are Blue to come out. Sampai carik kat internet u'olz and follow the author at his website to see whether the book as come out or not. Months after that, May 2006 I bought this one. The first one are just too delicious, I just can't miss the second. This book is not romantic book, if you have misunderstood the title. It is a story about this one detective, Alex Cross, who are pushed into following orders by a Mastermind of serial murdering in his town. I swear, this book is so F'ing good, it should be made as movie. The plots are unpredictable, giving me the thrill all the time, and the whole situation where he try to solve the murder, Patterson really describes it best. Even the ending buat kita tak senang duduk sebab terlalu unpredictable. Gila syok wo buku ni!

3. Summer In The City by Robyn Sisman

Another book by Sisman, this story is simple, sweet, and romantic. And! This book also gives me the insides world of advertising company as the main characters, Lloyd Rockwell and Suze Wilding are the copywriters in two different advertising firm. You see, the girl is from London and the guy is from New York. And when their firm sponsors a job swap, having them trade apartments and jobs for the summer, they find themselves living each other's lives. Suze is a commitment phobic and Lloyd is settling down with his girlfriend But when Suze discovers a ploy at work to get Lloyd fired, the two begin communicating long-distance, and from there, you wonder, how two people who never meet, can fall in love. And this story, banyak dia cerita pasal advertising and I can tell this is where minat untuk pursue in advertising comes and it was in 2005. Yes, seriously, sebab buku ni. I should thank Sisman, eh? haha

4. Prowlers series by Christopher Golden

There are 4 books in prowlers series but I only have two as I borrowed another two from the library. You can tell by now yang I ni penyinggah setia library kan? Haha.. This series are about well, the predictable stuff like werewolves. But no vampires ok. Haha. But hey, werewolves weren't the trend back in 2005 right? And I had a good time reading these. Because Golden is one of the best author in thriller and this story really is different from any other werewolves stories. Where can you get stories about two teens, one telepathic to the underworld and is the the man most wanted by the werewolves pack, because of what I cant remember, and they have one guy who can turn into werewolves on their side to help? Awesome? To me yes. hehe.. These books are where I got an idea and inspiration to make my own novel, The Key.

5. The Party Room series by Morgan Burke

As far as I remembered, I think these books got me hooked on reading more serious books after that. Before that I just read simple books, yang tak heavy. But after reading how awesome this thriller books are, I started reading serious, heavy novels. Ceritanya simple, thriller pasal pembunuhan kawan seorang perempuan ni, Kirsten. Throughout the 3 books, we never knew who the killer was, and she keeps on pursuing the killer, with the help of a few friends. But her friends one by one was killed including her boyfriend and her own life was in danger too. So yeah, ada la cara dia sendiri utk find out killer tu sapa kan and cerita ni seriously boleh buat you rasa takut jugak. A lot of people dah pinjam buku2 ni, and semua cakap terbaik gila. I knew I wasn't the only one. :)

So yeah itu jelah yang nak di share. Kalau rasa nak pinjam buku2 ni, bgtau jelah ye. Buku-buku lama ni semua tersimpan je dalam bookshelf tu, some books I even read twice, thrice, berkali-kali sebab best sangat. Tapi buku adalah harata yang I sayang so smpai sekarang buku-buku tu semua still in good condition. Ada yang nampak masih baru lagi. Tapi sayang sejak masuk U, kurang sikit tabiat membaca ni. Tak tau kenapa, maybe sebab xde masa kot. So cuti panjang ni, I'm trying to get my book worm self up again, and now still reading "Suspicion" from The Private Series by Kate Brian.

I Love Books! <3

Lima Blog

Todaayyy Imma share witchu me top 5 favs of Everything yuhh... Ok quite the stupid accent. Ni disebabkan duduk dirumah, membatu tak buat apa, so Im just using my spare time looking for something to do yeah. So here is it. Just wanna share it here & gives my opinions abt these stufffsss............

Top 5 Favourite Sites / Blogs

Sites-sites and blogs semua ni memang tempat aku bertenggek, menyinggah, menjenguk, lepak dan sbgainya bila dah boring kat rumah. Yealah kan, xkan kau nak duk dpn laptop mengadap Facebook, twitter, youtube spnjang hari je kan. haaa ni dia semua sites yang wajib disinggah. :)

This girl is hilarious. I love reading her blog. I love her style. I love her bubbly personality. She even looks like one of my best friends. hahaha... Dia ni, I just adore her. Dia tak kesah orang nak ckp apa pasal dia, but she is just positive the whole time. Well, I don't know her, she probably have her 'days' but I can tell that she go through her live to the fullest and that is why I adore her. Her post are always something that we can talk or think about because she loves to share any info she might find interesting.

Haaaaa blog ni adalah blogger Sarawak. Namanya Azahari Suria.Jgn korang taktau ada blogger hebat kt sarawak. Blog dia ni, kalau korang paham la kan bahasa-bahasa dia gunakan, memang I can guarantee you, you will laugh all day. Penah skali I was reading his blog dari midnight, and tup tup, jam dah pukul 3.40am. Serious sakit perut, sakit pipi tergelak2 baca blog dia ni. Setiap entry tak boring. But he is using pure srwk language. And oh yeah, Ngerepak, is actually not caring in definition, it is merepek/membebel. So what he's trying to say there is dia membebel because he cares. hahaha... What I love about his blog is banyak gila info dia share kt sini. Kadang2 soal hati, cinta, and he seems to be sensitive about girl's feelings as his post are always in the middle, no taking sides. Plus he likes to talk about certain topics and go deep with it. Serious so entertaining! Hehe..Wish I could meet him in person though, since my friend knew hi
m. But whatever... hahaha...

Ini tumblr Melissa Maureen, ingat lagi pelakon Gol & Gincu ni? Yeah, the wife of Malique; songwriter, rapper, artist, that I salute.

Melissa and her princess, Inca medina

I like to go to her tumblr bukan sebab nak tgk progress or kehidupan seorang artis, after all Melissa pun tak banyak bunyi kan. But it is because of her creativity, her motherhood, her knowledge in craft, arts and literature, and the info she shared in her tumblr. I adore her from the bottom of my heart. From her tumblr, I found that she loves to DIY things for her daughter, Inca Medina. Such as her tops become Inca's cardigan, bracelet made out of stuff you can find in the house and so much more. Isn't that just so sweet? :)

Actually I visit this blog because of her style and fashion. I love looking at her pictures. This girl is Indonesian and when she pose with all her hijabi's friends, you cannot help but drools. hehehe.. Yes, even myself drool. But mostly I drool because of her style. Haha! Just check her blog out, she took awesome pictures as well as she is a photographer. Double drool! :D

I LOVE THESE CUTE TOOF! The character are called Ickle and Lardee. There are always stories about these two tooth. It is actually just pictures of these small things, dihiaskan dan di animate kan dengan gaya2 tertentu, terjadinya sebuah cerita. Ah, I can't even describe the cuteness of these two fellas. Check it out yourself okay! :D

Look how cute Ickle and Lardee are! Oh, they are in trouble alright and have to clean the mess.

Ohhh this doesnt end here. Muahahaha.. I'm gonna post some more of my top 5 things. Don't blame me, I'm super bored. *evil laugh*

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It feels different. But in a good way.


Stay true.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

At The Kitchen

Experiment #1

Many of you may already heard of Macaroons right? Since it is quite expensive in the market and being in Kuching, it doesn't give me any pr
ivilege either to get one easily. So I decided to mak
e it myself. *Senyum bangga*.

This is a sample picture. Errr I didn't make these. haha

After a lot of research (tak la banyak mana pun..hehe) of the recipe, comparison here and there, watched a few videos of how they make it, and read all the tips and stuff, I'm ready to make my own experiment #1. You see, first try neh mmg tak expect la jadi perfect terus. Maybe akan jadi tak cantik, buruk atau worst, tak menjadi langsung smpai tak bleh makan. haha.. Harap2 tak jadi la kan.

The ingredients are pretty easy actually. Let me share mine here:


  1. 175g icing sugar
  2. 125g ground almonds (Almond powder)
  3. 3 large free-range egg whites
  4. 75g caster sugar

For the filling

  1. 150g butter, softened
  2. 75g icing sugar
For the fillings, fyi, can be made as cupcake's icing to
o. The easiest recipe for icing ever and the yummiest that I've ever tried. But it's up to you to do the fillings. Boleh jugak letak nutella ke, jam strawberri k
e, or make your own meringue and cream cheese then put in the middle of the macaroons. For my first experiment though, I choose to have Strawberry jam as my fillings because malas nak buat fillings btol2. haha...

As I was writing, my macaroons are actually done and disejukkan. And I found out there are a lot of error and my macaroons looked more like a colourful small pancakes than a small cookie. hahaha..

Ok, let me tell you one by one step. Be warned, this is a correct recipe, but a lot of chef out there said that don't expect too much for you to succeed on the first try. Because even though the ingredients are so easy, the technique and environme
nt however are the essential part.

1st Tips: Don't bake on a humid and hot day. I did, and look at how it turned out. Why you may ask? Because kita guna telur putih kan, telur putih apabila di-whisked, it is mostly made by air. If it is surrounded by humid air, our mixture yg ada telur td akan jadi separate dgn mixture dia. So tak menjadi. Nak elakkan dia seperate, sila sentiasa whisk kan telur anda ya. haha..Aku ni cakap mcm expert plak kan. haha

2nd tips: Guna telur yg dah di-room temperature kan. Jgn keluar dr peti ais terus guna. Sblm baking tu, sediakan telur tu kt luar 2-3 jam dulu. Lagi bagus kalau ditinggalkan sehari. Why? Google sendiri. hahaha..boleh plak kan... Aku pun kurang pasti knapa, expert ckp cmtu buat jela, ye dok?

3rd tips: Sediakan semua bahan2 sblm mula. Nanti kecoh satu dapur, tumpah sana sini. haha.. Why? Sebab buat benda ni perlu cepat. You have to mind your telur, your mixture and stuff so that dia xkan separate ke ape ke,so kena cepat.

  • Mula2, pre-heat the oven to 160 C. Campurkan almond powder and icing sugar dlm satu mangkuk.
  • In a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt to soft peaks, then gradually whisk in the caster sugar until thick and glossy. Tgk gambo kt bwh, mcm tu la ghupe dia.

  • Ok part ni susah sikit. Sebab after I did it, dia mengeras, bukannya lagi lembut. -.- Since you guys nak buat colourful kan? So that telur + gula mixture td, separate kan into a few bowls, seberapa banyak colour you nak la. I make 2 colors, pink & purple. I found out that all recipe out there dia buat yg xde kaler so telur dia sikit bila dah di separate kan. My suggestion, yang mixture Almond + icing sugar tadi, separate jugak into berapa bowl you dah separate utk kaler td. You agak2 la tgk serbuk almond you tu bila di campur dgn telur td, cukup tak? Sebab bila I buat, dia tak cukup, dia keras nak mampus mcm biskut dah. haha.. So what I do is I add up one more egg white and a few sudu of caster sugar and whisk it again.
  • Ok chop! Sebelum masukkan 2 mixture tadi, nak ingatkan, jgn campur terus mendadak. Letak slowly setengah dulu then FOLD it. Bukan mix it. Paham? tak? Ce try tgk video recipe ni, technique dia. Actually macam2 resipe boleh buat, tp yg penting technique, so you have to see it with your eyes jugak.
Ini video recipe buat macaroons. You can try his way too, but tgk la technique dia. I learn from him. Sorry can't upload it here, internet sucks.

  • The final batter should be the colour of pale ivory (if you haven't coloured it) and smooth and thick but flowing (dia macam magma,yg gunung berapi tu..). A ribbon of batter dropped from a spoon onto the top of the remaining batter should take about 30 seconds to disappear. Again, please refer to video.

  • Line 2 baking sheets with baking paper. Pipe small rounds of the macaroon mixture, about 3cm across, onto the baking sheets. Give the baking sheets a sharp tap on the work surface to ensure a good ‘foot’. Leave to stand at room temperature for 10-15 minutes to form a slight skin. This is important – you should be able to touch them lightly without any mixture sticking to your finger. Bake for 15 minutes. Remove from the oven and cool.

I am no expert but this is how I make these. It turn out okay, but the "feet" just overflow and frilly. Means dia terkeluar. So i found that the solution is to just let the piped batter rest for awhile before putting in into the oven, maybe around 1-2 hours instead of 15 mins.
Baking this takes time, so be patient, do it slowly and selamat mencuba! Hehehe... Oh, I suggest find a better recipe than mine here. Do some research and tips first. Here I just lay out my opinion and my way.

Here's some website that helped me out and where I took the pictures. haha


p/s: I tak sempat nak amik gmbr my own macaroons sbb habis dimakan. wawawa~ Plus tak cantik mana pun anyway. hehe

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Big 21

On 17th June mark the date I turn 21. From what people said another benchmark of being an adult. The question is, do I feel like an adult? Do I act like an adult? Am I an adult?

I spent my day time with my available friends. I said available cuz some of them couldn't come because of work, family problems & etc. But it was worth
it even it was only the three of us. Thanks Syidah & Shahida :) . Then in the middle of our late lunch, Hadi decided to join us. It was sweet of him to come at the last minute eventhough it was only to return something of mine. Thanks kitak :). Then at night I had dinner and movie (The Green Lantern) with my family. Bumped into some of my guy friends, the world is too small. We even ended up in the same movie theatre, haha.

Being 21...hummm lets see. You can vote. You can do most of the legal contract yourself without parental guidance. You can do most of illegal stuff too. Im gonna do that. Today I reflected myself of being who i am today. I am really p
roud of myself for being where I stand now and here. A lot of obstacles have I faced till today and I survived it through tears, laughter, phone-calling, self-assurance, and most importantly respect to self and be positive. Many times when I just dont have the energy to be positive and everything turn upside down for me. And many times have I failed & made mistakes, but I just got back up on my feet and walk again. It took courage, positivity, and self-respect. I may say sorry too much when it is not needed or people just dont deserve it, I may put people first in line of happiness instead of myself, I may hurt people's feelings with the way I talk or express myself sometimes, but all those weaknesses are the greatest power in each one of us. And this realization comes from the movie the Green Lantern I just watched. Yeah, the review was so-so for critics but it is so near to me, I can feel and see all the hi
dden morals. There's a lot more I learned from that movie actually but I wont bore this entry with it. Go watch it and you'll know what I mean. :)

Anyway, all I'm saying is that I go through a lot already throughout my years, and I got a lot more to learn. People may want to judge me, or they don't, its up to them. I decided to live my life care-free, un-planned, and full of positive, but yeah, of course there are times when I need to care, and plan things out to be more careful, and sometimes just be negative. Cut me some slack, I'm just human who make thousands of sins and mist
akes. But I'll try my best to be the best for myself, live in the moment to be happy. Not that I want to boast but I do feel it now. The positives of things take control of me and it can say that I've never been better. Alongside with all those who loves me, and I love them too, those new people, those who hates me who makes me stronger, I thank you.

For all it's worth, Alhamdulillah I'm still breathing, I can still smile and enjoy the air, the good food and the voices from whom I love. Thank You Allah, for You, the only One who can make it all true. :)

I wish I could take a picture of all my friends in this kind of joy <3

P/s: Thank you mom, for the inheritance ring. <3

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bila Qarma beraksi

I don't know if it's my unlucky time or what. But I've paid twice the burden I gave you. I understand now how it feels. I guess Qarma really is a bitch to me. I'm sorry if this is how you felt before. But life goes on, and I can only tawakkal and redha for what had happened. Yes, I met a few guys, made me fall for them, and crushed me with the fact that they have girlfriend and still tried to deny everything. Thank you Qarma for showing me early before I fall more deeply. But I'm f'ed up already and will try to change how I see things for good from now, especially about boys.

For you F. Sorry. And can we just forget what happenned before and jangan dendam2 already? I value our friendship so much. :\

For you A. Fuck you. Sorry.

For you H. Can we just be friends? I know we like each other's company & I'm cool with everything anyway, you're the one yg gelabah nk deny2. haha..lek la der. I've been through this a lot already. :)

All I'm saying is for all the dudes out there. If you like the girl, let her know. If you just intended to just hit on her, let her know that too. If not, she might do something crazy, like fall for you. If not, you can always be FRIENDS dude. Girls are not your toys or your spare part or whatever your intentions are. Be cool. Be mature. Girls respect you for being honest. :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jangan pernah kecewakan Rasulullah

Benda ni aku amik from . I found it really interesting and sgt menyentuh jiwa. Happy Reading, especially to all girls out there. :)

“Hawa…Tahukah kau, bahawa dahulu kala,

hidupmu ibarat ‘anjing peliharaan’ orang-orang zalim,

dirimu dihina, disakiti, dan dinodai. Tetapi,

tatkala lahirnya seorang insan, yang bernama…

Muhammad bin Abdullah.

Hidupmu segala-galanya berubah,

dari dihina, kau dimuliakan,

dari disakiti, kau dilindungi,

dari dinodai, kau dipelihara.

Tahukah kau, betapa sakit dan pedihnya perjuangan…

insan ini untuk memuliakanmu?. Sehinggakan,

jika kau mengumpulkan seluruh alam semesta ini,

untuk membayar pengorbanan insan ini, ianya sama sekali tidak mencukupi.

Bahkan, bukanlah bayaran yang dituntut insan ini,

Cuma, satu sahaja tuntutannya. Apakah tuntutan itu?.

ialah, dengan kau melaksanakan semua perintahNya tanpa alasan sedikitpun,

jika dia menyuruhmu menutup aurat, maka tutuplah,

jika dia menyuruhmu peliharalah kemaluan, maka peliharalah.

Jika, kesemua ini kau tidak mampu dan enggan melaksanakan,

sesungguhnya kau telah menzalimi insan yang bernama Muhammad bin Abdullah!.”

*hendak seribu usaha, tak hendak seribu alasan.