Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Big 21

On 17th June mark the date I turn 21. From what people said another benchmark of being an adult. The question is, do I feel like an adult? Do I act like an adult? Am I an adult?

I spent my day time with my available friends. I said available cuz some of them couldn't come because of work, family problems & etc. But it was worth
it even it was only the three of us. Thanks Syidah & Shahida :) . Then in the middle of our late lunch, Hadi decided to join us. It was sweet of him to come at the last minute eventhough it was only to return something of mine. Thanks kitak :). Then at night I had dinner and movie (The Green Lantern) with my family. Bumped into some of my guy friends, the world is too small. We even ended up in the same movie theatre, haha.

Being 21...hummm lets see. You can vote. You can do most of the legal contract yourself without parental guidance. You can do most of illegal stuff too. Im gonna do that. Today I reflected myself of being who i am today. I am really p
roud of myself for being where I stand now and here. A lot of obstacles have I faced till today and I survived it through tears, laughter, phone-calling, self-assurance, and most importantly respect to self and be positive. Many times when I just dont have the energy to be positive and everything turn upside down for me. And many times have I failed & made mistakes, but I just got back up on my feet and walk again. It took courage, positivity, and self-respect. I may say sorry too much when it is not needed or people just dont deserve it, I may put people first in line of happiness instead of myself, I may hurt people's feelings with the way I talk or express myself sometimes, but all those weaknesses are the greatest power in each one of us. And this realization comes from the movie the Green Lantern I just watched. Yeah, the review was so-so for critics but it is so near to me, I can feel and see all the hi
dden morals. There's a lot more I learned from that movie actually but I wont bore this entry with it. Go watch it and you'll know what I mean. :)

Anyway, all I'm saying is that I go through a lot already throughout my years, and I got a lot more to learn. People may want to judge me, or they don't, its up to them. I decided to live my life care-free, un-planned, and full of positive, but yeah, of course there are times when I need to care, and plan things out to be more careful, and sometimes just be negative. Cut me some slack, I'm just human who make thousands of sins and mist
akes. But I'll try my best to be the best for myself, live in the moment to be happy. Not that I want to boast but I do feel it now. The positives of things take control of me and it can say that I've never been better. Alongside with all those who loves me, and I love them too, those new people, those who hates me who makes me stronger, I thank you.

For all it's worth, Alhamdulillah I'm still breathing, I can still smile and enjoy the air, the good food and the voices from whom I love. Thank You Allah, for You, the only One who can make it all true. :)

I wish I could take a picture of all my friends in this kind of joy <3

P/s: Thank you mom, for the inheritance ring. <3

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