Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bila Qarma beraksi

I don't know if it's my unlucky time or what. But I've paid twice the burden I gave you. I understand now how it feels. I guess Qarma really is a bitch to me. I'm sorry if this is how you felt before. But life goes on, and I can only tawakkal and redha for what had happened. Yes, I met a few guys, made me fall for them, and crushed me with the fact that they have girlfriend and still tried to deny everything. Thank you Qarma for showing me early before I fall more deeply. But I'm f'ed up already and will try to change how I see things for good from now, especially about boys.

For you F. Sorry. And can we just forget what happenned before and jangan dendam2 already? I value our friendship so much. :\

For you A. Fuck you. Sorry.

For you H. Can we just be friends? I know we like each other's company & I'm cool with everything anyway, you're the one yg gelabah nk deny2. haha..lek la der. I've been through this a lot already. :)

All I'm saying is for all the dudes out there. If you like the girl, let her know. If you just intended to just hit on her, let her know that too. If not, she might do something crazy, like fall for you. If not, you can always be FRIENDS dude. Girls are not your toys or your spare part or whatever your intentions are. Be cool. Be mature. Girls respect you for being honest. :)

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