Friday, June 24, 2011

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Todaayyy Imma share witchu me top 5 favs of Everything yuhh... Ok quite the stupid accent. Ni disebabkan duduk dirumah, membatu tak buat apa, so Im just using my spare time looking for something to do yeah. So here is it. Just wanna share it here & gives my opinions abt these stufffsss............

Top 5 Favourite Sites / Blogs

Sites-sites and blogs semua ni memang tempat aku bertenggek, menyinggah, menjenguk, lepak dan sbgainya bila dah boring kat rumah. Yealah kan, xkan kau nak duk dpn laptop mengadap Facebook, twitter, youtube spnjang hari je kan. haaa ni dia semua sites yang wajib disinggah. :)

This girl is hilarious. I love reading her blog. I love her style. I love her bubbly personality. She even looks like one of my best friends. hahaha... Dia ni, I just adore her. Dia tak kesah orang nak ckp apa pasal dia, but she is just positive the whole time. Well, I don't know her, she probably have her 'days' but I can tell that she go through her live to the fullest and that is why I adore her. Her post are always something that we can talk or think about because she loves to share any info she might find interesting.

Haaaaa blog ni adalah blogger Sarawak. Namanya Azahari Suria.Jgn korang taktau ada blogger hebat kt sarawak. Blog dia ni, kalau korang paham la kan bahasa-bahasa dia gunakan, memang I can guarantee you, you will laugh all day. Penah skali I was reading his blog dari midnight, and tup tup, jam dah pukul 3.40am. Serious sakit perut, sakit pipi tergelak2 baca blog dia ni. Setiap entry tak boring. But he is using pure srwk language. And oh yeah, Ngerepak, is actually not caring in definition, it is merepek/membebel. So what he's trying to say there is dia membebel because he cares. hahaha... What I love about his blog is banyak gila info dia share kt sini. Kadang2 soal hati, cinta, and he seems to be sensitive about girl's feelings as his post are always in the middle, no taking sides. Plus he likes to talk about certain topics and go deep with it. Serious so entertaining! Hehe..Wish I could meet him in person though, since my friend knew hi
m. But whatever... hahaha...

Ini tumblr Melissa Maureen, ingat lagi pelakon Gol & Gincu ni? Yeah, the wife of Malique; songwriter, rapper, artist, that I salute.

Melissa and her princess, Inca medina

I like to go to her tumblr bukan sebab nak tgk progress or kehidupan seorang artis, after all Melissa pun tak banyak bunyi kan. But it is because of her creativity, her motherhood, her knowledge in craft, arts and literature, and the info she shared in her tumblr. I adore her from the bottom of my heart. From her tumblr, I found that she loves to DIY things for her daughter, Inca Medina. Such as her tops become Inca's cardigan, bracelet made out of stuff you can find in the house and so much more. Isn't that just so sweet? :)

Actually I visit this blog because of her style and fashion. I love looking at her pictures. This girl is Indonesian and when she pose with all her hijabi's friends, you cannot help but drools. hehehe.. Yes, even myself drool. But mostly I drool because of her style. Haha! Just check her blog out, she took awesome pictures as well as she is a photographer. Double drool! :D

I LOVE THESE CUTE TOOF! The character are called Ickle and Lardee. There are always stories about these two tooth. It is actually just pictures of these small things, dihiaskan dan di animate kan dengan gaya2 tertentu, terjadinya sebuah cerita. Ah, I can't even describe the cuteness of these two fellas. Check it out yourself okay! :D

Look how cute Ickle and Lardee are! Oh, they are in trouble alright and have to clean the mess.

Ohhh this doesnt end here. Muahahaha.. I'm gonna post some more of my top 5 things. Don't blame me, I'm super bored. *evil laugh*

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