Saturday, March 28, 2009


I just realize my blog is boring. Biar la...bknnya ada org nk bca pun...huhuhu...It's just full of what I think so I let it out here. Tp jarang plak nk update. Haii...


I just read a blog about a high school girl facing typical high school phenomena. High school is all about boyfriends, cliques, who gets the attention, who's teacher's pet, and of course, big exams. These high school girls doesn't realize, they are not in such a vain with their problem. There are much more problems and challenges outside of high school. You will face new people with different background that you have to adapt to their surroundings and respect, you will face new assignments and tasks which is much harder and complicated than school work, you will face much complicated and higher level of maturity in relationship whether with boys, best friends, classmates and even lecturers. Plus, you will have to make all the decision to yourself. From your clothes, to your money to what you eat, where to go, what to do and who to choose.
I learned all that after I left high school about 2 years ago. To compare my life with all the people that I knew and never wanted to know in school before, people that think they are too big and popular are practically unknown now. And if they try to take their attitudes back from high school to universities, they will never mature. But I guess, in university life, people start to change totally. I've changed a lot. Too much in such a short time. But I think it's good because there are poeple that I care and who cares about me are there to support me. I changed from the way I eat, my attitude, my respect to people, my view of my race, my view of the world, how I did my job, how i bring myself forward, how i dress, and how i communicate with people.
From the problem that I recently faced, I realizeda lot of things about respect. I need to respect people, yes. But people need to respect me too. Let's just say the problem start with the people think i don't respect them. I am angry of course because i didn't do anything. They ask me to respect them when they didn't respect me back. How am I suppose to respect them? People gain respect from other people, not ask them for it. Before I knew it, things have started to get worst. Miscommunication have started, threat has been flying away, gossips all around, uncomfortable was felt. Let me just say this one thing just to get it out of my chest. These people think they are too big and too mature to think that we should respect them instead of gaining it. Well, i don't really want to blab more about it. But we are still teenagers who is still learning to live our life. When adults have interfered, they know what to do and say and what the problem is all about. Thank God for that. The problems solved by communication and talking. This has made me realize that, I am still far too young to know what life is. Even adults who is already matured still doesn't know what life is sometimes, so for those out there who think they are so big and in high cliques, I suggest you rethink about your position as a small human in Allah's earth. Muhasabah diri. I will do that.