Friday, June 24, 2011

Book Worm?

I love reading books you see, all sorts of genre. Romance, comedy, chick-flit, thriller, and yadayadayada. I've a small library of my own, pretty proud to have one too. Haha.. Tak besar mane ah but the shelf is full of it. Dulu ingat lagi every months mesti beli one or two books. Sampai budak-budak kelas pun tau, and cakap, "Malina tok eh, tiap-tiap hari pembulaknya buku lain2." Maksudnya tiap2 hari I tukar-tukar buku. Hahaha... So! Among all those books I have read, these are my top 5:

1. Just Friends by Robyn Sisman

Robyn Sisman is one of my favourite writer because almost all her stories are made with ease, romantic and have simple-but-keep-our-fantasy-runs endings. Just friends tells the story of two best friends, Jack and Freya, have been friends for over ten years, who know each other far too well. They have their differences, and those differences recently reach boiling point when a sudden incident pushes Freya to move in with Jack. They keep on arguing with each other and blah blah blah, I can't really remember the plot. After all I've had this book since 2007 and read it twice cuz it's just so good. What I remember is the conflict gotten bigger, since it has something to do with Jack sleeping with Freya's sister. I won't tell you any endings here cause this is not the synopsis. Haha.. But this is a really good read and I just love the chemistry and how their friendship goes to realizing that they need each other.

2. Violets Are Blue by James Patterson; a sequel of "Roses Are Red"

I still remember when I borrowed the first sequel, "Roses are Red" by the same author from library, I just can't wait for Violets are Blue to come out. Sampai carik kat internet u'olz and follow the author at his website to see whether the book as come out or not. Months after that, May 2006 I bought this one. The first one are just too delicious, I just can't miss the second. This book is not romantic book, if you have misunderstood the title. It is a story about this one detective, Alex Cross, who are pushed into following orders by a Mastermind of serial murdering in his town. I swear, this book is so F'ing good, it should be made as movie. The plots are unpredictable, giving me the thrill all the time, and the whole situation where he try to solve the murder, Patterson really describes it best. Even the ending buat kita tak senang duduk sebab terlalu unpredictable. Gila syok wo buku ni!

3. Summer In The City by Robyn Sisman

Another book by Sisman, this story is simple, sweet, and romantic. And! This book also gives me the insides world of advertising company as the main characters, Lloyd Rockwell and Suze Wilding are the copywriters in two different advertising firm. You see, the girl is from London and the guy is from New York. And when their firm sponsors a job swap, having them trade apartments and jobs for the summer, they find themselves living each other's lives. Suze is a commitment phobic and Lloyd is settling down with his girlfriend But when Suze discovers a ploy at work to get Lloyd fired, the two begin communicating long-distance, and from there, you wonder, how two people who never meet, can fall in love. And this story, banyak dia cerita pasal advertising and I can tell this is where minat untuk pursue in advertising comes and it was in 2005. Yes, seriously, sebab buku ni. I should thank Sisman, eh? haha

4. Prowlers series by Christopher Golden

There are 4 books in prowlers series but I only have two as I borrowed another two from the library. You can tell by now yang I ni penyinggah setia library kan? Haha.. This series are about well, the predictable stuff like werewolves. But no vampires ok. Haha. But hey, werewolves weren't the trend back in 2005 right? And I had a good time reading these. Because Golden is one of the best author in thriller and this story really is different from any other werewolves stories. Where can you get stories about two teens, one telepathic to the underworld and is the the man most wanted by the werewolves pack, because of what I cant remember, and they have one guy who can turn into werewolves on their side to help? Awesome? To me yes. hehe.. These books are where I got an idea and inspiration to make my own novel, The Key.

5. The Party Room series by Morgan Burke

As far as I remembered, I think these books got me hooked on reading more serious books after that. Before that I just read simple books, yang tak heavy. But after reading how awesome this thriller books are, I started reading serious, heavy novels. Ceritanya simple, thriller pasal pembunuhan kawan seorang perempuan ni, Kirsten. Throughout the 3 books, we never knew who the killer was, and she keeps on pursuing the killer, with the help of a few friends. But her friends one by one was killed including her boyfriend and her own life was in danger too. So yeah, ada la cara dia sendiri utk find out killer tu sapa kan and cerita ni seriously boleh buat you rasa takut jugak. A lot of people dah pinjam buku2 ni, and semua cakap terbaik gila. I knew I wasn't the only one. :)

So yeah itu jelah yang nak di share. Kalau rasa nak pinjam buku2 ni, bgtau jelah ye. Buku-buku lama ni semua tersimpan je dalam bookshelf tu, some books I even read twice, thrice, berkali-kali sebab best sangat. Tapi buku adalah harata yang I sayang so smpai sekarang buku-buku tu semua still in good condition. Ada yang nampak masih baru lagi. Tapi sayang sejak masuk U, kurang sikit tabiat membaca ni. Tak tau kenapa, maybe sebab xde masa kot. So cuti panjang ni, I'm trying to get my book worm self up again, and now still reading "Suspicion" from The Private Series by Kate Brian.

I Love Books! <3

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