Thursday, May 7, 2009

Back to B

Finally! Aaaarrrgghhh!! Finally I'm back to B....I discuss this matter with the coordinator of our program (which was always difficult for everyone) and I almost lost my chance. Seriously...But I finally get it... Alhamdulillah.
These are why I want to go back to where I belong:

1. B is my family for a year now

2. B don't have clique and we're relax about everything. We're neutral.

3. B has its own uniqueness

4. B has all the people that I'm click with and all the people that I usually do work with

5. B don't fuss much about anything

6. We have great relationship with lecturers.

And now I guess for the next semester, the class will be more unique with more than half of it are new people or from C and it would be a whole lot different class than before.
Plus, there's my boyfriend in there and it would be a very new situation for me to study in the class. I don't know how I will adapt to the surrounding and how am I going to behave with him without everybody keep on 'pestering' on us. hehehe...
Good Luck class B!
The happy faces of the old B class. I don't know how the next B class will look like.

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