Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dear Heart & Brain,

I'm having dilemma.

I'm being indecisive of between worth it or not.

My heads and heart are telling me different things.

Here's the problem.

My friends have been planning to go KL next week, for months, and have bought the ticket. I told them I wish I could come & they invited. You see, I'm in Kuching, and having to travel to KL takes a lot of money. Everyday passes by, the price hiked up. Weeks ago I told myself not to go. Well, because it will need a lot of money. Not just the plane, the fuel (I have a car waiting), the lepaks, the foods, eventhough it'll be a 5 days trip. And just when I make up my mind, my friends, both from semenanjung & sarawak begged me to go. It's a win-win situation for them. And suddenly I heard the clearance of our campus needed to be done by the end of this month, which exactly the time the holiday was planned. That fact didn't bother me that much, but that fact, you see, is strong enough to convince my mom to pay for this trip. Haha. Perfect timing right? Righhhttt...

Then she told me a few things which makes me think twice abt this trip, worth it or not? She said that I shouldn't bother my aunt at S.A, where my car is located. Usually we asked for her help to pick us up from airport & her house has become my 2nd home there. I mean, I really don't want to bother her, she has her own life. That means I have to find my own way to get my car if I want to travel around with it, within those 5 days. Which meanssss train & buses are the choice. And when I go back, I would need someone's help again to bring my car back to S.A and send me to airport. That's a lot of hassle right?

When I'm indecisive, I always list out the pros & cons. The only few pros I can come out with are, (1) I could settle the clearance; & (2) I could hangout with my friends, give my friends from srwk a sight-seeing tour or wtvr. The cons? (1) Money, money, money. (2) Bothers a lot of people. Yes, both are equal, 2-2.

I hate being in this situation. Because the cons, are winning in my head. Yes, brain, I'm talking to you and your logics. T____T

Help me.


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