Sunday, July 10, 2011

B. 2.0 the opinion

As we all Malaysian know what has happened on the 9th July 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, one of a...well I can't really say it's a tragedy or an event or whatever but it's the rally of bersih 2.0 and I'm pretty sure a lot of us take sides, be neutral, and have our own opinion in this.

For me, I'm neutral. I see from all sides, I heard the stories from media, from people who joined, from people around me, but I didn't get the chance to get at least one opinion from the police or political sides, though. From what I have seen, read, and observe, let me tell you this. Do not believe the media 100%. Being a media person myself, I have to say it no matter what. Some side of the story may be true but NOT all. Here are pictures I print screen from the movie V For Vendetta. Go watch it if you have time, it has a lot of similarity of what's happening in our world today.

"This is the scene where there are 2 media people talking abt the new news came out. The girl asked him, would people be buying the stories? This is his answer:"

"Our job is to report the news, not fabricate it. That's the government's job."

I won't elaborate more on those pictures because I know you understand it. After all the media in our country is not truly free; there are no freedom of speech. Well let's get back to the topic, cuz if I started talking about media and its freedom, one post of blog is not enough. haha..

A lot of us here just sit and home, watch television and curse those people who we think is responsible for all these shenanigans. A few of us are in the Bersih's side, and a few of us are in the government's sides. For me, I have my own opinion as I watch from afar. Forgive me if I'm wrong but I'm not giving advice or preaches, this is just an opinion.

The bersih's real aim has a lot to do with freedom and clean form of politics, voting system, and media. There are pros and cons here for me. I mean it's hard, almost impossible to reach. Some people said that it's stupid to do this rally, as it waste energy, force, money, time, and mostly affect the country's economy. Yes, that is the case we can see as a lot of people that is not involved affected, and mad as hell. The people who work around there have trouble getting in and it affects most shops that it can't do anything but shut down. Some people said why not use other means, other ways to make yourself heard? Or just talk it out, have a meeting. When we think about it, can it really be done? Think about it. A few people and a few signed petition won't get you heard in this country. I guess this is one way to be heard. Suara rakyat bergabung after all that makes the government scared, and finally listened. Well, why not make it in one place, and settled it there, no need to close down the road? From what I read, our PM has approved of making Stadium Merdeka as the place for the rally, but somehow the police did not. I don't know how this government work, seriously. They said it's an illegal rally, haram. Why haram? As far as I know, in a democratic country, we are allowed to do demonstration, unless it is violence. From what I see and been told from the people involved, they are just walking around, chanting, supposedly peaceful rally. I don't know, judge the story yourself. Perhaps the quote "Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah" is quite appropriate for this situation.

It has ended, and I guess the memorandum didn't get into our King's hand. A lot of struggle, complication, and consequences come from this, but I think at least they have made their voices heard and I see there are a lot more unity of 1Malaysia from this than the gathering of 1Malaysia campaign. I see a lot of us arguing just because of this, curse here and there. I don't really blame them, I would do that too. After all we can't really expect quietness in our country, there must be some drama right? Haha, k I'm kidding. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in any sides, even politics are the last thing on earth I want to be involve to. Just one thing though, when we want to judge what really happen, we should really look into it real deep. =)

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