Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bros & Sis, Hoes & Dicks

Sorry for the foul word.

When a guy identifies a guy as bro/brader/brotha/brah it sounds super normal.
When a girl identifies a girl as bros, it also sounds normal as it sounds like they're close.
When a girl identifies a guy as bros, it sounds normal as the guy is obviously a bro.
But when a guy identifies a girl as bros, it offends me.
Sorry but its true.

Dude, I know you're trying to be cool and all but that word just doesn't key in with my brain because I am as girl as I can be.

If I acted like one of the boys then I'd understand.

Or do you want me to call you sis? Or sistaaahh?

All I want to say is,

I'm not your bro, you hoe. (and that refer to the males)


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