Monday, June 1, 2009

Better to Give than Receive

Was it worth it to buy someone a gift that cost me more than a hundred for a belated birthday gift? People might say it would be worth it if you want to make it up to him or her for forgetting his or her birthday. Hahahaha... Well I'm certainly not a person who forgets people's birthday. I even remembered my old school mates' birthday even though I'm sure she's forgotten me overall already by now. Well, anyway, for me it's worth it. Because why? I love to buy stuff for people. Seriously, I don't know why, everytime I went out, most of my money are spent on something that would probably for someone, or a thing that might be shared with someone or just to impress someone. You know, not the thing to impress myself or to satisfy myself. I don't know why. It's like a disease or something. Here's the fact: I LOVE BUYING STUFF FOR OTHER PEOPLE!!!!

For example the things I bought recently that connected with someone:
1.The PC dvd game I bought, for me and my sister
2.RM114 spent for birthday gift
3.Belanja kawan makan
4.Slipers & necklace for my friendsand others...

Why I love buying stuff for people? Because I love to watch their face when they get the gifts. I love the feeling of GIVING. And u know what other thing is... I want those stuff too. I love to receive gifts too. And when I know other people loves receiving gifts too, I give them the chance of being happy by receiving it from me! I just want the person to feel what I feel when I receive a gift. The feeling of touching, smelling and appreciating things we receive, things we don't have to buy and at the same time very pretty to the eyes...Whoooh..I just love the euphoria of receiving it. And of course, I love the euphoria of giving gifts too. It's like a drug that keeps me addictive... just LOVE it when they open up the gift I BOUGHT for them. Weeeheee... I just hope those people will appreciate it as much as I do If I were in their shoes...heheh..

Well, like the saying says, "It's better to give than receive"....or something like that. I don't remember...hahha...

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