Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blast Day...My Birthday!

On 17 June 2009, I turned 19 years old. Not old enough for me to feel mature though. My friends and I had planned to have a picnic at Matang Family Park (Sungai Cina, under the Serapi Mount). First, all of my friends, Syidah, Fiq, Rathy, Hazim and Bai, along with her cousin, Bang Buck who will be our 'guidance' / tour guide / driver. Hahaha..poor him...but anyway, we took off from my house when all of them arrived there around 10 am. Me & Syidah were in teh car with Bai and Bang Buck, & Bang Buck as our tour guide, he told us all the story abt old history of some village we passed on, some creepy japanese war or something and ok, I should stop. It was fun, ut let's move on.
We arrived around 10.45 am and we took our spot which is so far away from the public. The place was incredibly beautiful (but not for some sampah people left there) and there was a few small waterfalls there. There's also like a small pool yg semulajadi terbentuk oleh batu2 besar kt situ and it was a perfect spot for us to swim. What's with ada akar dr pokok utk ktorg gayut2 n terjun dlm air.hahahhaha...We swam for awhile, enjoying ourselves. The water was FREEZING! Seriously! I only went into the water for abt 15 minutes then Im out of there. By the time Im out, evryone wanted to eat since it was already lunch time.

So we ate everything that we brought (sandwich, puding, snacks, coke & pepsi, mineral, bihun) because we're kinda hungry...hehe...While eating, we made a lot of jokes...seriously, nak pecah perut gelak x abeh2...well, practicaly, the whole time I was there, I was laughing, laughing, laughing and oh yeah! Laughing! Hahahhaha....

Ok, so then, Syidah, Hazim, Fiq n Rathy went back to swimming. Well, Fiq n Rathy were dating the whole time...hahah...while Bai n I really couldnt stand the water,we picked a great big rock for our spot n sunbathed! Hahaha... But it was not for long as suddenly Bang Buck walked away from us and explore the rest of the river. And we were curious so we followed! All of us except Rathy n Fiq. We had so much fun exploring the place. With so many slippy big rock, and great spots for photoshooting, it was a very beautiful place. Finally at the end of our exploration, we found another bigger waterfall and took a lot of pictures there. But apparentsly since tpt tu x byk org dtg, tpt tu pnuh dgn binatang yg I plg GELI!!! I found Katak...I SCREAMED! I found small fishes surrounding my legs...I SCREAMED! I found A big, long lipan n I almost scream..heheh... But it was fun though...Malu2 mmg malu pas menjerit but it was a memory yg menggelikan yg xdpt dilupakan..hahha...
So yeah, we tried to swim at the 'pool' of the bigger waterfall then but the dasar was too licin n there's so many fishes! hahaha..Then my darling Donut calls...Im so glad he called...cuz im missing him while im having all these funs with my frens...hehhe
Then Rathy called dr ulu sungai sruh ktorg balik coz fiq terpksa blik awl. Die nk ambk adik skolah then we went back to our spots, kira nak berkemas tp skali guess what?

I turned around and suddenly the girls are throwing FLOUR at me!!! AAhhh!!! I baling balik tepung tu kt diorg and we laughed so much at each other for being white and ghostly..hahah... Bang Buck even perli Rathy dh mcm NENEK KLIWON sbb rmbt putih! Ngahahahahak!!! We laughed so hard at that.. I mean, supposedly nenek kebayan, tp tetiba nenek keliwon..ngahahhaha...xpasal2...

So then we have to wash ourselves again n swin for awhile to get rid of the flour yg mlekat2... Then...well, biasa la, kemas2..balik...then it's like so early for us who dont want to go home early, and we decided to go carik we just follow Bang Buck's lead..we are quite tired so we just follow n keep quiet in the car..Bang Buck said he will bring us to Pasir Pandak, another pantai at the other side of the we went there...n when we're almost there, we found out that Rathy, Fiq n Hazim r not following behing n they said that they decided to go back home. So we continue our journey. Dh smpai, Bang buck nk ambk tmpt berteduh bwh pkok, skali pasir byk sgt, kreta pun lekat........hahaha..ktorg girls pun tolong la tolak smbl teyar berpusing2 dlm pasir..tayar tu seriously dh stgh akhirnya dpt gk dikluarkn.

Then at the beach, it's hot so we bassically have photoshoot of our own..on the trees...seriously, atas pokok! And on the beach n in the, okay, after that we all went home...

And just when I thought the day was over, as tired as I was, I went for a birthday dinner with my family! Wow! My mom wanted to give me a white gold necklace cost RM1500 and above with it's pendant RM5OO and above for my gift. It's like sooo crazy! Im like, I wanted it but it's like so unworthy. I'd be wearing tudung the whole time & i cant even show off my 2000 pure white gold necklace..hahha....So I said I don't want the necklace but I want a broadband instead. It's much cheaper and I'd be using it a lot more than a necklace. So yeah, my mom was a bit down but it's easier on her pocket so she went with it...hehe..And I finally got my broadband!! weehooo...And we have dinner at Kenny Rogers..uurrhhhmmm....missing the juicyness of the yeah...that is all..I had a blast and also very tired. Happy Birthday To Me!!!

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