Thursday, April 23, 2009

Poem For You

The rain comes down as my tears followed
Sun doesn’t shine in my sight
You are the only thing that I wanted
But for little things you break me apart

I appreciated the things you’ve done for me
I thank you for that, for what God’s given me
But I can’t take it for what you made me inside
The feelings burning deep in my heart

I guess I can’t let one bad thing ruin the other good thing that happened
There are too many memories to give up hope to
So I sit here and waited for the feelings to wash away from me
So I can forgive myself, you and people surround me

I wanted the happiness to surround me
To fill me up like the air I breathe
I looked at the ring on my finger
Yes, it goes around in a circle, never ends
I hope it happens to us too
And I’ll let you be around me all the time
To remind me that you’re the person I really need all this time.

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