Thursday, August 11, 2011

All about mysteries

I just love doing lists. And I'm about to do now as well.

People often ask me, what kind of movies you like to watch? Dulu tak tau nak cakap camana, sebab asal cerita tu bagus, ada favourite actor, anticipated movies, I would watch it. So petang td I was as usual trying to fill up my free times, so I watched movies. And I just noticed that everytime I choose, it would be in this genre: Mystery/thriller/sci-fi combine. You know the kind of movies yg buat kita fikir, yang unpredictable, yang complicated, yang hujung2 cerita kita baru kita tau kenapa itu ini. Some says movies ni berat sikit, yeah well maybe. But so far none that I watched has disappoint me. These are my top fives (yes again the list -__-). Kita mula dari yang kelima ok. hehe

The Number 23
Cerita ni ada slow sikit. Warning, mungkin b
uat anda tertidur. Tapi jalan cerita the best. Jim Carrey memang terer bawak watak psycho. More on the movie:

Shutter Island

Hoi boleh gila tau dak tgk movie ni. Punyalah buat kita fikir sampai kita boleh confuse apa sebenarnya berlaku. As usual, hujung cerita baru kita cam, "Oooohhhhhh...."

V For Vendetta

Yang ni I sangat2 recommend for EVERYONE. Kalau boleh kan, serapkan apa2 motivasi dari story ni masuk kepala terus. Sebab everything is true and everything about it is totally a reflects of what happen in our country now. That's why asal ada apa2 berlaku yg berbentuk politik di dunia kita ni, orang akan timbulkan quotes dr movie ni, mula pakai the Fawkesian mask yg V pakai tu. Although V tak pernah tunjuk muka, tp suara dia cairrrr beb. Sedap gila. Sbb tu suara dia jadi Megatron, n also byk berlakon jadi penjahat yg mempunyai suara yang mega.


Actually, I'm torn between this and the first one, cuz Inception as good as the first one. This movie will make you kerut dahi in concentration, it brings you so deep, you can't tear yourself off the storyline. Oh bonus part is some of the actors are my favorite *Joseph & Marion*. This movie is creative, serious thought up, and just pure genius. After the movie, I guarantee you will think about yourself and what really happen when you're asleep. It put out a very important point here which is how powerful an idea can be. Cause Idea can spread like cancer.

The whole series of Harry Potter

Before you say anything, I know I know you was like, "What?!" "Ini bukan mystery ni!". Mula2 pun I think like that but when I think about it, Harry Potter series combined, if there was no book, and we're talking about the movies alone, it would be one super epic of awesomeness of a movie. Haha.. Because why? Tell me which movie can create a whole new world as excellent as this? Whats with the names, the magic, the spells, and the mystery behind it all. And tell me why it has become the third best movie in the whole wide world after Titanic and Avatar? And to see the last of the series, unravel the whole mysteries of what really happened 10 years ago, from the first story. Nobody in this world don't know about this movie, right? Never seen, yes, but oblivious of it, NO. If there was one, they'd probably live in the jungle and even they have the reason to be the exception. So yeah, Harry Potter deserve a number 1 spot in my heart.

Some other recommendations of good movies like above are as below:
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, The Vantage Point, Limitless, Atonement...

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