Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Can't Sleep, Help Me

Now it's 5.47 am on Saturday morning.
I've been trying to sleep since 2 am, but I failed.
My sore throat & cough has been a disturbance and my mind played around with this problem so that I can't fall asleep.
Just so I thought I was relaxed again with my personal problem, it came out of nowhere.
I got up & had to do a little zikir to calm me down.
I dont know how many times have I gotten up back & forth to toilet, to the kitchen to drink & to calm me down.
I even went to another room & recite some Kursi to calm my nerves.
Is there some kind of bad energy that makes me like this?
My body is tired but my eyes & mind can't shut down.

Dear heart & soul,
Please, calm down. Do your Subuh in a few minutes then try again. Sometimes when I cant fall asleep, I can lose my nerve. So please, stop thinking, and just do. And about the problem, dont ever ever overthinking or even underthinking. Dont be naive and dont be stupid. I know you just did something you promised you wont, but whatever. One mistake wont scratch anything. Dont worry about it. Please just dont worry, because I know you're overly OVERTHINKING. STOP IT NOW. It's probably nothing, but just be ready. Now, just go to sleep and sleep tight.

Brain & Logic.

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