Monday, March 7, 2011

Caught In The Middle

I always find myself stuck in the middle.

Of any situation. Be it between friends, or between rights and wrongs.

Situation One:

One team with two cliques. Lets call it C-A & C-B. I love hanging out with the whole team but sometimes I'm stuck following around C-A. I dunno why but I'm bounded, locked, or else I'm unfaithful...itu cerita dia la. But whenever I have a chance I'll go hang with C-B.
Hatta dgn ini terjadilah suatu tragedi yg membuatkan semua pihak bermasam muka. It started off with C-A. Then C-B pun sakit hati. I'm in the middle because, well, let's just say I didn't like the way C-A makes their decision & the way they manipulate things. I'm neutral. Ingatkan takde sape kacau dah. Sekali C-B pun sakit hati dgn yours truly ni jugak. Sbb well, let's just say that since I'm bounded to C-A, it looks like I always have to agree with them. Apprently, this time around, I"M NOT. But C-B didn't know that, of course. And now C-B is mad at me too. And now I feel like I dont like the way they treated me because they thought I was against them.

Conclusion: I am mad at both sides because I'm stuck in the middle. -___________-"

Situation Two:

Menjaga nama baik seseorang. Lets just call these 2 people A & B. Both are my friends. But both didn't really go into that 'good' friendship kinda thing. It's just so happen that A penah tegur B about some stuff & B didn't take it very well (ni pun satu masalah, takleh terima org tegur sikit da nak marah2..haihhh).

Hatta dengan ini terjadi suatu event dimana kedua duanya berada di satu tempat. Dan B wajib berada disitu dan A pula ada disitu atas sbb suka2 (and maybe because of me & some of my friends yg rapat jgk dgn dia). Tetapi bila dilihat kembali, A pulak yg kecoh, kepoh and mengharap sangat atas event tu smpai naik status Fesbuk u'olz, dan bukannya B yg mmg wajib ada disitu. Then bila event telah berlalu, I found out that B memburuk2kan nama A. Sebab apa? Maybe sbb tak suka. Tapi padahal A tak bersalah pun. Yeah maybe A tak patut mengharap dan kecoh sgt, I mean, chill la dude. Tapi Perlu ke B pg memburukkan nama A sbb dia kecoh skjp je? Kat ramai org plak tu. Siap bukak crita lama lg yg si A ni penah tegur dia mcm ni mcm tu, pdhl as far as I heard from both sides, 'teguran' yg lama tu didn't go as bad as she makes it sounded like when she told everyone.

Conclusion: And yeah, again I'm stuck in the middle because why? I am friends with A. And B don't like him. And I can't do anything to jaga nama baik A sbb well,I'm friends with B as well, and it's me against 3 people (yg back up B time tu). -__________-"

Situation Three:

Between a couple. And dua dua pun kawan saya. Let's call them C & D. Bila C ada masalah, C come find me, sometimes its about D. Bila D ada masalah, D erm...tak tau la siapa dia confides in. haha.. But not me. I know I owed a lot to D because he's a good friend when I have problems back then. C is also my bestest friends because she was there all the time for me to confides in. But I think D thought bad of me because he thought I was the one who tells C everything about what's going on around him. Yes, maybe I did from time to time. But when it's about normal stuff, I let it go. But when it's not, like C nak serang D ke ape ke (haha!), I will not let it happen because I slipped the information. Only God knows how many times did I try to save these two. How many times did I save your ass, man, wahai si D. And I even gives some idea to C to makes it all better again. Yg C ni pulak cakap dan bertindak ikut suka dia. (sorry girl, you are). Kadang2 tu effect org lain jugak. So sometimes kena la jugak guide budak nih buat benda betol. hahaha
Conclusion: D igt aku ni informer which is in a bad way and C pulak igt aku informer jugak but in a good way. Haa..cane tu? Last2 aku jd org tengah kdg2. haha

So conclusion besar this kind of situation, I will always avoid these people for awhile and let it go and let the time passes by. Bukan tak mau nak betolkan keadaan, kadang-kadang kalau kita try hard sgt, benda boleh jd lagi keruh. So baik biarkan jelah. Walaupun it sucks so much to be in the middle of things. But at least I have a stand on my own, which is me myself and I. hahaha..I don't really let things get in my way whenever there are things we need to hear from both sides. So aku tak suka buat conclusion melulu dan masuk side itu dan ini. Aku redha berada di tengah2. Kalau aku rasa aku dpt handle, aku cuba selesaikan. Kalau tak, biaq pi kat depa! hahahaha

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