Friday, December 26, 2008

Back To Heaven

Heaven? Well, I donno about that but Im just saying. Anyway, I'm back to my campus tomorrow. From Sarawak flying alla the way to KL. Then from there someone I've been waiting to meet will going to pick my parents and I up there. It was the first time he will ever meet my parents and I hope everything will be all right. Well, I hope the WHOLE journey back is all right. And I hope that all the stuff with the 'menumpang' thing will be settled as soon as possible because before we can register ourself on 28th on the Sunday, we wouldn't know where we're gonna stay yet. And I hate for the fact that I didn't know anything, only come, and stay where I used to stay and wait till i heard the news about my real staying. Huurrmm... Online system pun agak leceh skrg ni. Hmmm...nevermind.

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